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Hybrid App Making

Blending native and web technologies, our hybrid app development creates versatile solutions for cross-platform compatibility, ensuring efficient performance and a seamless user experience across various devices.

Easy to Use

Our apps prioritize simplicity and intuitive navigation, ensuring an enjoyable experience. Streamlined workflows and clear layouts guarantee an accessible and user-friendly interface for everyone.

Fully Responsive

Adapting seamlessly to diverse screen sizes, our applications provide a consistent, visually appealing user experience. From smartphones to desktops, optimal functionality is maintained across all devices.

About VJAppSolutions

As the founder of VJAppSolutions, I am intrinsically motivated to delve into the ever-evolving landscape of technology. My focus has been on crafting meaningful applications that contribute to healthcare, with Android and iOS offerings like Yoga, Home Remedies, and Mudras—all developed using the versatile React Native framework.

In the realm of gaming, I've explored creativity by designing captivating experiences such as the dynamic Space Shooter and Zynga using the powerful GDevelop platform. These games reflect not only entertainment but also innovation in game development.

Expanding my horizon, I've ventured into the domain of web applications. Notably, bgtool.org stands out as a tool dedicated to image processing, enhancing the visual aspects of digital content. Furthermore, in the realm of developer tools, dconverter.org offers a suite of 40+ tools, providing invaluable resources for fellow developers.

This journey is fueled by a commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, delivering applications that not only meet user needs but also push the boundaries of innovation.

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Amazing Features

Web Applications

Created 2+ innovative web applications.

Mobile Applications

Developed over 10 Android and iOS applications specifically tailored for healthcare purposes.


Designed 2 engaging games for both mobile and web platforms.

Welcome to the BGTool Universe – where image perfection meets simplicity! 🌟

Create Stunning Icons:

Image Enhancement Magic:

Bulk Actions for Efficiency:

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Android Applications

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Web applications

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Vjapp Solutions?

    Vjapp Solutions is your go-to hub, offering a vibrant array of free developer tools, including image processing, conversion utilities, and mobile applications. Our mission is to empower developers with innovative, user-friendly solutions.

  • How does Vjapp Solutions stand out in the developer community?

    Vjapp Solutions proudly pioneers the success of dconverter.org and bgtool.org. With 44+ free tools on dconverter.org and 10+ on bgtool.org, Vjapp Solutions brings you the best of both worlds – a comprehensive suite of developer tools for free!

  • Are all the services on Vjapp Solutions really free?

    Absolutely! Vjapp Solutions is committed to democratizing developer resources. Enjoy an expansive collection of free tools without any hidden fees – our way of supporting the developer community.

  • How can developers access our free tools?

    Accessing our tools is a breeze! Download our application on Android and iOS to unlock a treasure trove of functionalities. Experience the ease of development with our user-friendly interfaces.

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